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Welcome To Hamster Hut!


When I Was Eight...

About ten years ago, after my family moved to a new house my parents decided to buy hamsters for me and my brother. We both got to pick out one from this glass habitat in a family own pet store. The one I picked out was light brown in color, and I named him Chomper (because he would bite, obviously!) My brother picked out a white and black spotted one and named him Sudsy.

I had Chomper for 3 years, and even though my mom did all of the cleaning and general maintenance it was a lot of fun having pet hamsters. We kept most of the equipment such as the cage, a wheel and a few hideouts. I've thought about getting hamsters again now that I am older, so I can take on all the responsibilities myself. I figured it would be a new experience taking care of rodents instead of reptiles, and I could have fun training/taming them, so I spoke to my dad about it.

Took some time and a lot of convincing, as usual, but I managed to get my dad to agree to let rodents into my room, adding to my family of pets. I already had the cage from when I was younger, and about $200 to spend, so I started setting up the cage to prepare for their arrival. Within a day I had a fully furnished, 2 level wire cage with a complete stash of food, bedding, treats, and toys ready.

On 10/10/2010, after driving around town looking, I purchased Nala, and Enwa from a pet store. They were two baby Roborovski/ Desert Dwarf Hamster sisters, just what I was looking!

Even though I've only had my hamsters for a few months, I've be researching them for a few years. They seem like pretty simple pets to keep, and they are, but they are so much more than just pocket pets. Just like with Hermit Crabs, people tend to underestimate the care and affection these tiny pets need. There is a lot more you can do with a hamster then most people know!

Did you know hamsters can be trained to follow a trail if it leads to a reward? With this natural behavior you can teach your hamster to run an agility course. A lot of unexperienced owners also think that dwarf hamsters are skittish and aren't smart enough to be as loving and trusting to an owner as a bird or rat. With the right efforts you can have a tame hamster running dog agility and sitting happily in your hand in as little as a month!

On this web site I will share my experience with dwarf hamsters. I hope that you'll learn that if you have the knowledge to do it, anything can be done even if you're as new to handling hamsters as I am!




"Purchase Pets, NOT VICTIMS!"